About Us:


"God gives each of us gifts the day we are born, the key is to find out what those gifts are and then put your heart and soul into it. You will then know passion like never before, and your profit will be happiness."

Raw Talent Clothing Co. is in its 11th year now. This business was started in a tanning booth in Oklahoma City. I was laid off of a job I loved working for Myers Engineering in OKC as a land surveyor and got extremely depressed so I went to the Dr. and he prescribed 40 mg of Paxil and told me to go tan for light therapy so I did.  One day I decided to take a small camera inside the tanning booth and see what the lights would look like. I went home and uploaded the pic and it was amazing. I was addicted immediately to photography and graphic arts. I would take more pics every day in the booth, and run home and edit them. Soon I was putting friend’s pictures on MySpace on top of the tanning booth pictures as backgrounds. Every night I would do a few friends on MySpace for fun.

Some people started noticing my work, and wanted me to do their pics. One person was a model for Red bull and Flirty T Clothing in Austin, Texas (Jim) asked me to do banners for him using his models. I was happy to use my untapped talent in that field. Soon I ask one of his models “How do you model for Jim? You live in Arkansas and he lives in Texas?” She said that he just mails the clothes and we take our own pictures. Duh! I never thought of that.  So I decided to start my own online business and use Raw Talent since I had no experience and I seemed to have a little Raw Talent myself,  It seemed like a good fit. I wanted a sportswear logo so we could sell to men, women, and children then I found out that Raw Talent was taken in several areas, bands, novels, strip bar, and a few others, so I decided to add Clothing Co. and then registered it with the secretary of state. (Company trademark and logo #12188055 all rights reserved)

I was laid off at the time so I actually gave Plasma to purchase my website and believe it or not our first pics were taken with a disposable camera. Now we use some of the best in America. We currently have over 450 models and 185 photographers that have posted over 30,000 pics in our clothes in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and France.

Back to my story. I borrowed some money and then proceeded to print thirty six shirts, twelve red, twelve black, and twelve  white, these are our primary colors for the logo. We started to shoot anyone we could, and anywhere we could. I was dead set on showing the world, that we were legit, just new and needed to get our name out there, I did most of the photography for the first 6 months myself [with zero training] no one would shoot for me free or trade for promotion because they had never heard of us. Malynda Larsh of South Carolina was our first professional photographer. I didn't have any money to compensate her, so she said no problem she would do it at no charge [I owe her so much and I will never forget what she did to help me] Soon people in Georgia, and Alabama joined in on my crusade. They were willing to donate their time and talent to help me, and I got stuck in Dixie and live in Oklahoma City. We have made a dent in America, and a lot of people have heard of us now. Sales continue to grow, and we are actually starting to get into stores in Oklahoma City. We have done events like bikini contests, and MMA fights, and I still do most of our graphics arts and web design plus some photography.

We have never paid a dime for any of our services, but I do try to promote the models and photographers the best way I can. They all do it because they are passionate about their work, and don't mind helping me out. I’ve been blessed with some of the best models, photographers, graphic artists, makeup artists, sales representatives, dealers, promoters, and staff in the world. Thank you for turning my dream into reality. “Don’t ever let someone tell you can’t do something. ~Chuck~

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